Arizona Politics – The Latest News in Arizona Politics

In this article, we’ll explore the latest news in Arizona politics, including the Republican censure of former Gov. Doug Ducey and the suspension of elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 virus. We’ll also look at the potential impact of President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Yuma. And we’ll take a look at the state’s economic impact as the Republican Party has retreated from its former presidential candidate.

Republicans censure Gosar

Democrats introduced a censure resolution against Rep. Paul Gosar in Arizona politics this week after the congressman used his official social media account to post an anime-style cartoon depicting him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and threatening President Biden with swords. Gosar, who denies advocating violence, claims the cartoon was a symbol of an upcoming floor debate over Mr. Biden’s Build Back Better immigration policy.

Sinema’s support among Democrats

It’s hard to understand why the Democratic Party is so divided over the candidate’s voting record, but the poll results are telling. Only 42 percent of Democrats said they’d vote for her, and nearly three-quarters of independents voted against her. Sinema, who is running as a Democrat, is also under-seen among Republicans. She’s also under-favored among Democrats, but her net favorability rating spiked after she missed a vote on raising the minimum wage in the COVID package.

Ward’s support among Republicans

In a rare move, Arizona’s GOP party called a signature gathering effort to endorse Ward a sham. The party offered no proof of its success. The organizer of the signature gathering effort, Pima County Republican Bill Beard, said he planned to convene a meeting to address the alleged irregularity in April. However, the event did not happen as planned. Despite the party’s dismay, Ward’s supporters are sticking by him.

Trump’s impact in Yuma

The president is expected to highlight the impact of his immigration policies in Yuma, Arizona, on Tuesday. The Republican president has increased border infrastructure, deployed more Border Patrol agents, and invested in border security tech. Since 2007, illegal border crossings in Yuma have decreased by 82%. In addition, illegal immigration in Yuma is down 47% over the same period last year. Trump’s visit to Yuma follows criticism of his tone following the Charlottesville incident.

Republican challengers to Gosar

There is a new generation of GOP challengers in Arizona politics, as three candidates seek to unseat six-term incumbent Rep. Paul Gosar for the seat representing western Arizona. One is former Army captain Adam Morgan, who hails from Washington State and moved to Arizona from the liberal coasts to run for public office. Both cite the same issues: rising housing prices and onerous rules from local authorities.